CySec supports Bebras Challenge

Since 2007, the TU Wien Informatics eduLAB, in collaboration with the Austrian Computer Society, has been hosting the Bebras Challenge (“Biber der Informatik”) for all Austrian school students from grades 3 to 12. The Bebras initiative is a global effort dedicated to fostering interest in Informatics and developing computational thinking skills of school students. These skills involve employing problem-solving strategies and techniques similar to those used by software engineers in programming and app development.


This week, TUW CySec experts Carlotta Tagliaro and Marco Squarcina lent their support to this initiative, bringing their passion and expertise in Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions to the forefront. They guided the students through a series of practical challenges, demonstrating how to think like a hacker. Students of varying ages gained insights into how TU Wien is preparing the next generation of IT security professionals and had the opportunity to have all their questions answered. We are optimistic that such enlightening workshops will become a regular feature of our educational offerings.

You can access the slides via this link